2023 ALL-STATE Awards!

Congratulations to the individuals below for having the top overall averages for the 2023 Spring League!

Each student listed below will get a special All-State Team Patch!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
COOPER CASWELLIra High School24.5
SWAYDE CAMPBELLIra High School24.2
KASH LONGKelton High School23.8
HEATHER SPIRESIra High School23.6
BRETT OWENSMansfield ISD22.2


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
HEATHER SPIRESIra High School22.6
HAYDEN LOVINGPorter High School22.5
SWAYDE CAMPBELLIra High School21.9
COOPER CASWELLIra High School21.5
CONNER CASTOPorter High School19.8